Febuary 10, 2016

Thanks to the dedication of Secretary Treasurer Leo Haar, three union members are each going to receive $19,000 as part of a legal settlement of a suit brought against the agency for failing to provide the same promotional opportunities for disabled employees as non-handicapped employees. Working with three NEPSC employees as their Union Representative, Leo was able to have the employees included in the initial lawsuit against the agency. When the case was settled, the employees shared in the settlement to the tune of approximately $18,000 each! A classic example of how it "pays" to join AFGE Local 1760.

Another union member took advantage of the union's offer to provide counseling when choosing a health insurance plan. EVP Bruce Friedman after reviewing the employees current health insurance plan advised the employee to switch to a self plus one plan by the same insurance company. The employee saved $100 per pay period. After further review by EVP Friedman, he realized the same employee could receive a monthly spousal benefit from Social Security which could mean several thousand dollars more each year for the employee and his family.

These are Just two of many examples of how AFGE Local 1760 works hard to benefit it's members! Maybe it's time for you to join? Come by the Union Office and let's talk about it.